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30th of March 2020




To all our members, friends and fellow Budgie people,
The SQBBA wishes everyone to be safe and acknowledge the safety requirements of the Federal Government and WHO to maintain safe practices during the Coronavirus situation. Please keep in mind their are people worse off than ourselves and our hobby is an ageing hobby and we need to keep in touch with our senior members. Please contact them for a chat, to say hello and to ask if they need any help. It is very important that we keep up contact through Facebook, Emails or just a phone call during these very stressful times. Utilise the SQBBA chat page etc or your club Email list but however way you like to keep in contact, we all like to be thought of during hard times.
Take care,
Neale Love
SQBBA President

Urgent Update for the 2020 ANBC National Show - Bendigo
To Budgerigar Enthusiasts Everywhere,
In order to protect our Local & National Breeders, Exhibitors & their Families we are very disappointed to advise everyone that the 2020 ANBC National Show in Bendigo has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus.
Victoria will be making a submission to the ANBC to revise the National show schedule as this cancellation potentially means we will not see the National Show in Victoria for another seven years. Victoria has always been the largest show and this cancellation means that we forgo a National show for 15 years.
I have approached the Bendigo Tourism Centre regarding their refund policy and have been advised that:
All event bookings made through the visitors Centre will be refunded and Accommodation bookings made via the Visitors centre will also be refunded
Bendigo Tourism have offered to Contact everybody who has paid monies for this event to process a refund so you should be receiving a call shortly.
In the case of Airline travel bookings as we have all made our own arrangement’s with the various airlines it will be up to each each individual to make their own enquiries.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Victorian National Show Committee and others for their tireless energy in organising this major event over the last two years - they include: James Smith, Bruce Wilson, David Charlton, Kathy McCalman, Matt Emond, Peter Thurn, Darren MacFarlane, Leigh Downey, Alistair Bennallack, Dave Ganzer, the Four Judges, those who promised birds for the auction, all of the stewards and all those who have committed fully to support the show weekend.
The City of Greater Bendigo has been very supportive of this show and most generous with their time so a very special thanks go to Dawn Holland and Kathryn Evans for all of their efforts in the support of our event.
Yours Truly,
On behalf of the
BCV National Show Committee
Colin Flanagan


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